THRIVE TRIBE is a 6-week series of teachings and practices designed to support you in experiencing a greater sense of prosperity, freedom, and fun in your life. Though my main focus will be on prosperity, the principles explored in this program can be applied to life/career goals, health, relationships, and more. The possibilities are endless.

The principles we'll explore together are universal; they apply to everyone. No matter your personal beliefs - whether spiritual, religious or otherwise - there's something here for you.

The series consists of weekly downloadable audio teachings, writing prompts and other practices, all focused on prosperity and all sent to your inbox. There's a private Facebook group where you can share your progress, inspiration, ask questions, and connect with other participants.

Lastly, there's a monthly Zoom meeting, which I call "virtual retreats." This is when we connect live, ask questions, and spend a lil' time together.

The entire series is offered for a donation. There's no suggested amount. Give the amount you feel inspired to give. You can always give more when moved to do so.

Everything in THRIVE TRIBE is optional. There's no pressure to commit. However, the more you do the more results you experience. It's simple math. So, why not reach for the stars, right?

I look forward to connecting with you soon. You can send any inquiries to the email listed below and I'll respond ASAP.

Much Love,

Jesse Brune-Horan


To participate in THRIVE TRIBE, follow the 2 steps below.

1. Register for the series to receive the weekly content, links to participate in our monthly virtual retreat, the link to join the Facebook group, and other material to help you along the way.

2. Make a donation. This entire experience is offered for a donation. You can make as many donations as you'd like throughout the series - it's totally up to you. I'm currently accepting donations via PayPal.

Prefer to use Venmo?

Venmo handle: @Jesse-Brune-Horan

*Donations are not tax deductible.