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10 minute meditation to release stress

Short Sleeve "VEGAN" T-Shirt

Short Sleeve "VEGAN" T-Shirt

Antique Style Serving Tray

Antique Style Serving Tray


From Jesse Brune-Horan, founder

I'm a chef, meditator, yoga junkie, dad, husband, ally, and it's my joy sharing my gifts with others... especially when it brings benefit.

the fed collective is a collection of vegan lifestyle services, holistic goods, recipes and life-hacks, all curated by me and inspired by my career as a chef and wellness expert.


I believe food has a special gift of bringing folks together. This is why I decided to launch our catering services. I love helping create lasting memories by taking care of the details so you can enjoy the experience at hand.

My mission is to inspire joy-fueled living one delicious recipe at a time.


So, make a cup of tea and explore the site.

I'm happy you're here and look forward to connecting soon. Namaste.

Inspire your inner-foodie w/ recipes from the fed kitchen.

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Eco Friendly Coconut Bowl Set(s)

Eco Friendly Coconut Bowl Set(s)

Embroidered "VEGAN" Apron

Embroidered "VEGAN" Apron


the fed collective active wear

comfortable & current pieces perfect for the yoga mat & meditation 

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