Mission: We're here to inspire joy-fueled living.

We believe a fulfilling and healthy life shouldn't be a privilege - everyone deserves a seat at the table.


First, we're a community.

We 100% believe relationships are our most valuable currency. Now more than ever, tribes that nurture the heart and mind are crucial to the evolution of society. This is why we host live events to discuss mindfulness, spirituality and activism.


We provide free resources like guided meditations, introspective articles and harm-free vegan recipes to energize a feeling of peace and wellness throughout your week.


Second, we're a store.

In 2020, the fed's founder, Jesse Brune-Horan launched the fed collective store. He was inspired to take his favorite things from his experience as a professional chef and lifestyle expert and share them with others.

"I've never been good at keeping secrets. If I find something I love, I share it. Our store is a collection of things that spark joy in my life.


Whenever I visit a new town, the first thing I do is find the mystical bookstore and vegan café. My vision is to curate a fun and useful collection of holistic goods that bring elements of beauty, fun and heart-centered connection into your life." ~ Jesse


Third, we're a publication.

Our featured interviews and stories highlight people, places and experiences we feel embody a happy and healthy lifestyle. We share what we love and trust you'll find a nugget of insight to benefit your life in some way.

However you found us, please know we're happy you're here and hope you stay awhile.

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