• Angela Grillo

6 Simple Steps to Help Remember Your Dreams

Our resident dream expert gives us a simple life-hack to help us remember our dreams.

If you're looking to deepen your connection within, use these simple, intentional steps to recollect your dreams.

1. Intention To Dream

Before you sleep, tell yourself that you'd like to remember your dreams tonight. Write or speak to your inner dream life. Ask for the subconscious to guide and offer insight into what

you would like deeper perspective.

2. Preparation

Leave a journal or other recording device on your bedside table. 1-5 mins before sleeping,

sense into the feelings of your intention, a thought or a past dream.

3. Waking Recall

Upon waking, do not move, stay as still as possible, keep the feeling of the dream in your

body as you let the dream images replay in your mind.

4. Record

Record any images, thoughts and/or feelings. Even the simplest image has power. Title the dream.

5. Reflect

Take note of what is happening in your waking life. Journal any conscious thoughts, feelings and associations. Play with the dream images creatively through movement, singing, painting, etc. Observe your surroundings throughout the day.

6. Repeat

Repeat the process to remember your dreams and deepen your ability to recollect.

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Angela Grillo is an intuitive growth coach, dream reader, yogi, artist and maker of experiential theatre and performance. She facilitates intuitive support coaching for the individual and groups for the collaborative processes. www.angelagrillo.com

Insta: @angelagrillo_dreams

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