Crispy Baked Yuca Fries (no oil)

Yield : 16 - 20 fries

Prep Time: 25 minutes

These crispy baked yuca fries are legit. This recipe is inspired by my favorite cuban restaurant that serves amazing yuca fries. They're so delicious, the texture's a great blend of crispy and chewy. They're also dangerously addictive.

Though vegan, this dish is traditionally served deep fried. Since I avoid oil when possible, I experimented with this recipe, hoping to find a healthier alternative without compromising the taste.

The result exceeded expectations. There's a two-step process required to get the right texture. If you're willing to spend a little time in the kitchen, the payoff is worth the effort.

I served this with my Vegan Green Goddess Salad Dressing (oil free) as dipping sauce. It was on point.

If you're looking for a healthy indulgence, this recipe was made for you.

Crispy Yuca Fries (oil free)


  • 1 large-size yuca root

  • salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Lightly salt a medium-size pot of water, then bring it to boil.

  2. Peel yuca root.

  3. Cut the root in half, then into quarters.

  4. Slice each quarter piece into four equal-sized fries.

  5. Place sliced fries into boiling water and cook for approximately 3-5 minutes.

  6. While the fries are boiling, line an oven tray with parchment paper and turn the oven's broiler to a high setting.

  7. Remove the fries from the water and lightly pat dry with a paper towel.

  8. Place fries in a mixing bowl and season with salt, pepper, and any other seasoning you like. Garlic and onion powder work well with this recipe.

  9. Spread the fries out on the lined sheet tray and place under broiler.

  10. Cook for approximately 2-3 minutes, until the color begins to brown on the surface.

  11. Carefully remove pan from the oven and use tongs to flip the fries.

  12. Place the tray back into the broiler to brown the remaining side.

  13. Remove from oven and serve warm with your favorite dipping sauce.

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