• Angela Grillo

Narrative Dream Interpretation: An Easy 3-StepTechnique To Decoding Your Dreams

Do your dreams feel like movies, with transitions from one scenario to the next? This is called a "narrative" dream and will have a distinct beginning, middle and end. Before diving into the details of your dream, take a moment to reflect on how these simple ideas can shift your perspective.

Beginning represents the situation you may be going through, question / intention.

Middle represents past behaviors or actions with which you have handled this or similar situations.  How you used to act, react, old beliefs, ideals, etc.

End represents where the energy wants to go.  Your inner knowing and divine Self is offering insight on a new way to be. Here lies the opportunity to look at your situation and choose a different way of showing up in relationship to it.  The End may also show a resolution that has already come or the resolve you're searching for.

After recalling your dream, go back through the dream to find definitive breaks in the story. This may include an abrupt shift in the storyline or a subtle change. You may find yourself in a new setting or environment, new characters may show up or leave, or it is light then dark. You may even have three completely separate dreams in one night.

Processes like this help us better understand how the subconscious mind communicates through the dreamscape. When willing, we can use our dreams to help heal challenges we face in our daily lives, get clarity around major life goals and discover answers to many of the questions we carry.

More than just fantasies, our dreams are a helpful element of Universal GPS guiding us towards peace through personal understanding. The answer is always available when we become ready to receive it ... or maybe in this case, when we become ready to translate it.

Angela Grillo is an intuitive growth coach, dream reader, yogi, artist and maker of experiential theatre and performance. She facilitates intuitive support coaching for the individual and groups for the collaborative processes. www.angelagrillo.com

Insta: @angelagrillo_dreams

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