The Secret Ingredient To Achieving Your Goals

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One reason people fall short of certain goals is because the goal felt like something they had to do, not something they wanted to do.

If you’re ready to feel successful with your life goals, make sure they sound enjoyable. Don't worry what other people think about your aspirations, what's fun to you may not appeal to others. That’s fine. Your goals are made by you for you.

It can feel tedious investing your time, talents and energy into something you don’t care about. For the sake of your peace of mind develop a strict "no people pleasing" policy when it comes to goal-setting.

As kids we’re often programmed to aspire to things our family or culture deem valuable. A successful career, house, spouse and appealing body are all things most of us were taught are worthy of desire. Truth is, you may not like having a high-stress job, owning a home or being married. You never know until you experience it and when we stop and ask, “Who’s goal is this?” We often realize it belongs to someone else.

It’s always a good time to reevaluate your priorities. And you always have permission to change your mind.

A couple years ago I decided to feel radically healthy and vibrant. I wanted to release some weight and make a few shifts in my diet. I was a personal trainer for years and I'll be the first to admit I got burnt out on gym culture, especially in Los Angeles. I had a specific goal in mind but couldn't find any way to make it fun; it felt like something I HAD to do.

My rebel nature kicked into full gear and I avoided making any of the changes that would put me on the path towards success.

Then, a miracle happened. I was talking with my dad and he shared he had the exact same goal, down to the smallest details. Together, we created a friendly competition with specific rules and milestone goals. At the end of six months, whoever reached or exceeded their goal gets treated to a fancy dinner and $50 cash.

By enrolling my dad into the creative process, I made something grueling into something totally fun. It felt playful and don’t you know: I accomplished my goal.

Take a deep look at your goals. Are they something you'd actually like to do? Is there anything on your list of aspirations that are simply there because they sound fun? Now more than ever, the value of happiness is clear.

Isn't the motivating force behind most goals the belief that achieving it will make you happy? What if happiness through authenticity became part of your creative process? Would it feel different?

Prepare yourself for success by enjoying the journey, which is much easier to do when you're moving towards something that feels exciting. You'll soon begin to understand that a joy-fueled journey IS the ultimate goal.

Jesse Brune-Horan is a spiritual teacher and happy living expert. He's the founder of the fed collective. Over the last decade he's given hundreds of teachings, workshops and classes on spiritual living and has shared his lifestyle expertise on multiple media outlets.

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