Why Your Spiritual Practice Matters

I first started my spiritual practice in spurts. Every time I hit a road block in life, I'd return to my practice. I’d visualize change, meditate and journal then when I got what I wanted I'd drop it.

Eventually I accepted all the positive changes were inspired by my practice. I accepted if I was going to change my life for good, I’d benefit by “tending my spiritual garden” on the daily.

Like me, a lot of folks commit to a spiritual practice until they get what they want, then put the practice aside and wonder why the same patterns reemerge down the road.

The world you experience, your relationships and how you feel are all reflections of your consciousness. Doesn't it make sense to devote time to make sure your consciousness is in good health? When the place you create from is one of peace the world mirrors that state of being back to you.

My motivation for doing a daily practice has evolved over the years. Initially, I wanted my life to look a certain way and believed a spiritual practices would help me get there. Today, I’m less attached to how it all looks and more interested in how I feel. When I feel at peace, life is easier.

I still use spiritual principle to propel me towards goals that feel inspiring and fun. But I start with feeling good and go from there.

We’re all connected, so when you heal and grow the benefits of your healing is shared with all of us. We’re literally healing right along with you, even if we’re unaware of it.

Consider the bigger picture, the more people who feel at peace, the more peace we’ll see manifest in the world and the easier it becomes for others to feel good too. Isn’t that amazing?

What might prevent you from committing to a daily practice? Don't have enough time? Is sitting in meditation a challenge for you?

There’s thousands of methods you can use. Stay willing and the perfect practice will reveal itself to you. When you’re open to guidance, I promise you - a book will pop off the shelf, you'll walk into a class that blows your mind or a friend will recommend a teacher that totally resonates with you. The key is willingness. It’s one of the first steps to lasting transformation.

The Universe has your back and is simply waiting for you to say yes.

Jesse Brune-Horan is a spiritual teacher and happy living expert. He's the founder of the fed collective. Over the last decade he's given hundreds of teachings, workshops and classes on spiritual living and has shared his lifestyle expertise on multiple media outlets.

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