Giant Selenite Log

Giant Selenite Log

SKU: giant-selenite-slab1106645682

Feel the energy radiating from this GIANT natural selenite log?! This hand selected, stunning piece will cleanse negative energy and bring peace, harmony and tranquility to any space in your home! I love to place selenite in my living room (near the dining room) which is the epicenter of our lives. It helps cleanse any negative energy that comes in and out of our home as well promotes peace and ! Our home is our zen. The milky white color is soothing and as a decor piece can be placed anywhere you want more zen in your life! 

  • L 16" x H 6" x D 3"
  • Weighs approx 20-25 lbs, and can ship immediately.
  • From Morocco

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    This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

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