Patchouli Sandalwod Solid Perfume - Solid Perfume

Patchouli Sandalwod Solid Perfume - Solid Perfume

SKU: patchouli-sandalwod-solid-perf519517214
Patchouli Sandalwood Solid Perfume - 2 ounces - A sultry blend of Sandalwood, Rose, Patchouli, Frankincense and Cinnamon Essential Oils. Our perfume has a sultry warm fragrance. A very romantic and sexy blend for those special nights. I love this blend of essential oils, it is by far my favorite scent. It has a soft lingering aroma. The patchouli is not over whelming in this blend, it mixes very lovely with the other essential oils. The tin has a screw cap so you can carry it around in your purse or pants pocket and it won't make a mess. Great for if you travel on planes. I used avocado oil oil as the base oil in this perfume. I love using avocado oil, it is great for anyone who may have nut tree sensitivities, it also is great for people with sensitive skin. As with any essential oil product, test a small area first to see you have any allergies to any of the essential oils used.
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